Welcome to NIO Psychological Services. It is a pleasure for me having you visit my website.  I hope you find this information helpful and decide to work with me as your therapist. If you have any question(s) do not hesitate to contact me, and I will attempt to address your concerns as much as possible.

 In therapy my approach is client centered and tailored to their needs. I strongly support a multi-systemic orientation to identify problems and plan appropriate interventions. Depending on your needs I will use different types of therapy including but not limited to cognitive-behavioral therapy, cognitive therapy, dialectical-behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, and interpersonal therapy. Sessions may be solution focused or dedicated to increase self-awareness of your thoughts, feelings and actions to understand your experiences. Techniques may include challenging distorted thinking, improving coping skills, mindfulness, positive self-talk, and mind redirection. If you feel this is what you need, make an appointment today.

With children, my approach may be more directive depending on the child needs. I may utilize play sessions as strategies to intervene and modeling positive roles and social skills. I may include parenting education and discussion of strategies to deal with maladaptive behaviors. Expressive art therapy may also be used with children. Therapeutic intervention will always be age appropriate and in with your consent.

Psychotherapy is not easy to describe, because it varies depending on the personalities of clients and the therapist. I will review with you and make changes to the intervention in a way that you can deal with the problems that you hope to address.

Some homework will be occasionally assigned or suggested such as narratives, introspections, readings, or small motivational projects that are deemed useful and consistent with your therapeutic goals. We will plan you treatment goals and objectives together as well as review your progress on a continuous basis. In order for psychotherapy to be successful, you will have to actively participate in the process.

I only provide treatment that is voluntary and with your consent.  You have the right to refuse any service without consequences. If a client feels that at any time another professional might be more suitable, I will be happy to make referrals. Likewise, if I believe that your problems require expertise that I don’t have, I may refer you for consultation with a professional who has that expertise.